“My ex calls and texts me all the time. It starts out about the kids but always leads to a nasty argument.”

“The kids are never ready when I go to get them. I think that time should be added on to the other end of the visit but my ex disagrees.”

 “The only way to communicate with my ex is to send notes or messages with our child.”

“My ex wants to bring his/her new spouse to open house at the school.”

“I want our teen to join a travel baseball team and my ex strongly disagrees. Now what?” 

The issues and disputes that surface during a divorce can have some detrimental effects on a child’s psychology and the overall well-being of a family. Couples often go to couples counseling when the experiencing martial issues, but don’t realize that there are resources to help the family when they decide to end their marriage. We offer divorce counseling to resolve any parenting disputes that may threaten the peace of a family during separation or after the finalization of a divorce.

As one of the leading parenting consultants for divorced parents, we also act as a neutral third party to help resolve any problems brought forth by either of the parents. We encourage sharing thoughts, questions and concerns and getting all parties to work together for the betterment of their children.

We offer a variety of consultation services to help parents resolve their parenting-related disputes, learn how to communicate and co-parent effectively and reduce the risk factors that influence their child’s post-divorce adjustment. We believe that no matter how high the level of conflict, parents can learn how to move toward an effective, businesslike co-parenting relationship.

I offer a variety of services to help parents resolve their parenting-related disputes, learn how to communicate and co-parent effectively, and reduce the risk factors that influence their child’s post-divorce adjustment.

Parenting Plan Consultation

My extensive experience in child development, mental health, and conflict management allows me to help people develop parenting plans that meet their children’s individual needs.

Parenting plans should be reviewed and modified when a child experiences life changes, including changes in family structure. Schedule changes, remarriage of a parent, and starting school are all good times to proactively review a parenting plan.

Having objective and informed guidance is crucial, whether parents are developing their first plan, need help agreeing on various details of a plan that is already primarily developed, or reviewing a plan that is already in place.

$150 per hour

Divorce and Co-Parenting Consulting and Coaching

Divorce and co-parenting consulting and coaching is a customizable approach that works for families with mild to moderate conflict levels. The main goal is to help parents learn how to work together while reducing the amount of stress their children experience due to their conflicts.

This service can occur just once, take place over a short-term period or be ongoing. It can be conducted individually or jointly. Consultations and coaching can be done in person, through phone contact or through email.

Through this service, parents:

  • Have an informed, neutral party to help resolve conflicts pertaining to parenting decisions.
  • Learn effective co-parenting communication skills
  • Discover healthy ways to address and reduce conflict
  • Determine the best modes for inter-parental communication and interactions
  • Learn to make parenting decisions together
  • Find ways to reduce the negative impact divorce can have on children
  • Ascertain the best way to talk to their children about separation and divorce
  • Can determine when and how to introduce children to a dating partner

Please note that when conflict levels are high, I recommend the parenting coordination service.

$150 per hour

Reducing the Negative Effects on Your Children:Parenting through Divorce Four Week Course

Divorce causes parents to use a completely new skill set for parenting. These skills are not instinctual and there is often a learning curve in figuring them out. Unfortunately, the kids are the ones who feel this learning curve. This four week course teaches the skills and helps parents determine how to use them in their own individual circumstances.

Sessions are conducted individually. I encourage both parents to take the individual sessions and when this occurs I offer a complimentary fifth session that is held with both parents. Even when only one parent takes the course, or when the situation is high conflict, the children benefit. When one parent learns how to set boundaries, alternatives to taking the bait, and other crucial skills the negative effects on the children are minimized.

Topics include:

  • Keeping the kids out of the middle
  • Handling transitions
  • Creating two homes
  • Realigning your relationship
  • Setting boundaries
  • Conflict resolution
  • Anger Management

Sessions are held in my Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, or Cary offices or through video conference. The fee for the course is $400.